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Parking is on the third floor of the parking garage with direct access to our offices 326-328. The parking garage is charged at the price of 1 EUR an hour.

Reception Worktime

The doctor's office is open every working day 10 - 18 8 - 16 10 - 18 8 - 16 8 - 16
Family Doctor Reception 14 - 18 9 - 13 13 - 17 9 - 13 9 - 13
Family Nurse Reception 10 - 14 12 - 16 10 - 14 12 - 16 12 - 16

Price list

Service Price
Driver's health certificate categories A,B,C,CE,D,DE (health declaration completed on computer) 30 EUR
Driver's health certificate categories A,B,C,CE,D,DE (health declaration completed on paper) 35 EUR
Medical certificate of gun license 30 EUR
Primary health certificate for work (pre-employment or periodic check-up)
- if necessary, taking a lung x-ray 30 EUR
- if the extension of the certificate is necessary (x-ray taken beforehand) 10 EUR
- if necessary intestinal examination + lung X-ray 80 EUR
Certificate at the patient's request (for insurance, sports club, camp, etc.) 10 EUR
Certificate in a foreign language (for study, work, etc.) 10 EUR
Reception Price
First admission of an uninsured patient 35 EUR
Repeat admission of an uninsured patient 30 EUR
Home Visit Price
For children aged 0-2 years and pregnant women Free
From the age of 2 5 EUR


dr. Maire Nirk

Family Doctor

Mirjam Padar

Family Nurse

Lizette Rattam

Family Nurse

Mariann Kiudma

Family Nurse (temporarily away)

House Rules

Please be sure to register in advance for appointments with the family doctor and family nurse by phone or e-mail.

Emails will be answered within 1-2 business days. We do not accept patients in a standing order!

During registration, you will be asked the reason why you are coming to the reception. This is necessary for better planning of your reception.

If you are not coming to the reception, please notify us in advance by phone or e-mail!

If you are late for the appointment, the family doctor and nurse have the right to provide you with health care within a shorter consultation period or to refuse to see you.

If several persons from the same family come to the reception, please book a reception time for each family member separately.

The appointment time of one patient is 30 minutes. If you have more concerns, please let the reception know it during registration.

We ask for an understanding attitude if you are registered for another doctor's appointment. Family doctors from time to time take part in advanced training, rest or are on sick leave.

When conducting examinations and analyses, the family doctor is based on your complaints. If you, as a patient, are interested in having examinations that do not relate to your complaints, you must pay for them yourself according to the Health Insurance Fund's price list.

If you need a sick leave, please call or write an e-mail on the first day of illness. The document will not be processed afterwards!

On the day you get sick, you will be consulted by a family nurse who will assess your health and give recommendations for home treatment. If necessary, the family nurse will find a suitable time for an appointment with the family doctor or nurse.

We ask for patience when calling, if the family nurse cannot answer your call immediately.

Prescriptions can be renewed by phone and e-mail.

Prescriptions are issued within 3 working days. Therefore, please monitor the expiration of your prescriptions in order to notify your family doctor or nurse in time. In case of acute illness, the prescription is issued on the same day.

You can check the renewal of ordered prescriptions

A patient on the list without health insurance can also go to his family doctor, but must pay for the general medical care and examinations provided to him. The validity of health insurance can be checked on the portal

For Patient

Patient information can be found at the following web addresses:

Patient information on - website.

Patient information on SA TÜK - website.